Quad / ATV Fun:
Have fun and make your way out to the countryside, passing through small communities as you traverse the palm covered hills, discovering the coffee plantations, etc…

Horseback Riding On Beach:
If you love horses, the sound of crashing waves, and the magnificent panoramas, why don’t you decide to ride out into the sunset on beautiful Coson Beach?

Scuba & Snorkel:
There are several diving clubs that can take you to beautiful spots, from the most accessible to the extremely difficult. Underwater canyon, shipwreck and even a “cenote!

The Dominican Republic has tons of great hiking trails. Here are just a few: Damajagua Falls, Boca Del Diablo, Playa Madama, Mirador “El Punto, ” and Ruta Salto El Limon.

Playa Coson Beach:
It is famous for pure wild beauty and its several kilometers stretch facing the lagoon. Accessible via a private path, it’s about 150 meters from Villa Sofia. It is great for kite-surfing.

Playa Bonita Beach:
By foot, the 2 closest beaches from Villa Sofia are also the most famous and beautiful. It is about 80m away and can be reached by a private path. It is also perfect for novice surfers.

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