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Just relax !


Wanna sunbath on the solarium terrace ? Or read the last best seller lavishly installed in the sofa ? Maybe you prefer play with the kids in the pool, around the pirates island ? Or have your lunch served without making the effort of cooking ? Doing the washing-up ? Don’t even think about it !

At Villa Sofia, the only effort you will have to provide will be chosing ! We created it to let all your daily problems behind you, and our staff is trained to provide you with the maximum help, making you relax during your stay with us. We can take care of everything, even before you arrive : we can assist you in the preparation of your trip and organize your airport transfers with our selected drivers, reserve your car, 4-wheel or motorbike rental, prepare your excursions and sightseeing with the best and most trusted agencies, and all this at the best negociated prices.

We are very happy to announce that from now on, a full breakfast service is included in the basic rental rate.
Anytime you get up, a delicious breakfast will be waiting for you, for a good day start : fresh fruit juices, coffee, tea, toasts, eggs the style you like, cheese, fruits, …

Our private chef, Rosy, will cook tasty meals for our guests every day, with the freshest market ingredients. Our menus will vary upon the day market available food, but international cuisine revisited with local flavors will predominate.

From 29 USD per adult and 15 USD per child.

TWO possibilities :
1) Our LUNCH OPTION : all inclusive, except alcoholic beverages (from 29 USD per adult and 15 USD per child)
2) Switch with a dinner if you have reserved the DINNER OPTION but want to go out sometimes
Example : you only have reserved the DINNER option for a 7 days stay and want to go to the restaurant on Thursday night…. Just notify us at last on Wednesday evening, and we will trade your Thursday night dinner against a tasty meal any day at lunchtime.

Josefina, Villa Sofia’s Housekeeper, and the rest of our team, will take care of everything during your dream vacation.
Our staff of 5 will take care of the cleaning and maintenance of the property to let you enjoy every minute with us : bedroom cleaning, dish washing, linen care, pool maintenance, garden care, technical assistance, etc….

Broadband Wifi is available in the whole property. We have our own Wifi network, working at a standard rate of 3Mb/s. Nonetheless, it sometimes happens that the whole internet network slows down in Las Terrenas, and we cannot be held responsible of our providers defects. In the case there is a major problem with our own provider, we will gladly lend you with an alternate provider emergency 3G box.

Don’t worry about your phone bill ! We will hand you a local mobile phone that you can use during your stay to make local calls (agency, staff members, restaurants, etc…) at the lowest cost. You can also receive international calls without roaming surcharge ! Your mobile phone will be loaded with a credit of 100 RD$ that you can extend with paying cards available anywhere !

At night, Villa Sofia, as part of the Cap Bonita Residence, benefits from the security of professional armed agents to ensure that our guests can relax and enjoy their stay in a total quietness. This said, it is also important to underline that Las Terrenas is a safe and quiet destination, by day as by night.

If you travel with young children, we can install a pool alarm. This security device is composed of an alarm module plugged in the villa (within a specified range) and of little bracelets to be locked around the children wrists; whenever the bracelets are in contact with water, the siren of the alarm alerts everybody of the danger.


Villa Sofia – The Team – Josefina


Josefina, she is Villa Sofia’s spirit ! In charge of the whole property, she will also be attentive to your smallest desires to provide you with the best service. In addition to the room and maid service, she will do her best to assist you, and eventually provide you with the optional service you may have elected (baby-sitting, cooking, …).

Villa Sofia – The Team – Leo


Leo is based at Villa Julia; he is in charge of the gardens, of the swimming pools maintenance and of the technical aspects of Villa Sofia. Extremely nice and smiling, Leo will always be there to help you carrying your luggage, help you with a flat tire or repair a defective heater !

Villa Sofia – Services & Safety – Tori


Usually in charge of Villa julia, our second luxury property (, Tori regularly comes to Villa Sofia to give a hand to her colleagues and ensure that you will not lack anything. Garden, bedrooms and even cooking, Tori knows everything too !

Villa Sofia – Services & Safety  – AIC Agency

The AIC agency team

Michel and Jacques are in charge of your stay, from the moment you sign the rental agreement to your departure from our paradise. A very professional and kind team which has been installed in Las Terrenas for more than 10 years, and who is apraised by all our clients, with no exception ! Another great asset to make your stay with us a big success !

Villa Sofia – The Team – Team LaLa


It has now been 3 years that Lala works with us, helping Josefina and Tori maintaining our properties, switching from one to another, depending on the workload here or there. Lala is efficient and very discreet !

Services & Safety – Safe


We do our best for you to enjoy your vacation at Villa Sofia at the maximum. Security is an important matter for international travelers going to an unknown country, especially when they travel with family and children. First of all, it is very important to say that, since 2006 (year of the opening of our very first rental villa in Las Terrenas), NONE OF OUR GUESTS, ever met the least problem of security during their stay. During the day, Villa Sofia is under the responsibility of our staff who is working for us for several years now, and in which we have a total trust. Nothing has never been “borrowed“.


Like in any city in any other country, everybody has to respect common sense rules, as you would do in your own city, and integrate the fact a majority of the local population has a standard of living which is far lower than our guests’. We just advise you to keep your valuables in the safes at your disposition, to avoid showing off expensive jewelry or big amounts of cash money in public areas and also to avoid walking in unknown neighborhood late at night. Las Terrenas is a destination which does not have more than average security issues, and especially at Villa Sofia which is located in one of the most quiet and secure residence of the North Coast.

Services & Safety – concierge_platter Logo

Extra services

We, at Villa Sofia, dedicate ourselves to offer you the best service possible at the most affordable price.

May you wish to organize a special event, have your babies attended while you go out at night, a more sophisticated and personalized service, more luxury amenities or special VIP treatment, we will do our best to provide anything you will ask for, at the best cost we can negociate for you.


You would like to party until late in the night ? Or to have a romantic diner with your half ? We propose you a baby-sitting service, for an evening, a night or along your whole stay. And since we know that your kids security is a priority, this is our own staff, of total trust and who perfectly knows Villa Sofia, who will look after your precious babies.
This service is available from 20 USD for an evening.


Have you decided to get married under the palms on a sandy creek facing the ocean, party for your birthday or inviting some friends for a particular occasion, we can organize any type of event at Villa Sofia and/or on the surrounding beach areas. We work with professionals of the event industry and we have selected the best providers. These personalized services are available upon request, and we will provide you with a quotation at the best prices, depending on your wishes : catering, music band, dancers, dance fire show, barman, …


Domestic transfers in limousine or helicopter, 24/24 bartender, private chef , private and personalized excursions organisation, private boat charter trip, …

Just ask, we will deliver !

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