Kids Pool: In order for the whole family to enjoy fun and endless pool games, whatever age the children are, we created a pool specifically designed for the youngest in the group –  80 m² swimming pool

4 Platforms: 4 platforms of about 10 m² each lets you choose the best depth for your children, from 20 cm for the little babies to 80 cm for the elderly

Underwater Bridge: The other side of this pool has a “Pirates” island, linked to the garden by an immersed bridge… What else?


Explore: Feeling a bit adventurous? During vacation, this is allowed; with 3 pools and an underwater suite, you can play Marco Polo for days

Memorable: Have a villa staff member take a picture of the whole family in the underwater suite and send it out as your Christmas card! These memories will last a lifetime!

Underwater Suite: The Pool Suite @ Villa Sofia makes it happen. Open the curtains and realize that your bed is installed… at the bottom of the swimming pool.  Now this is the real deal!


Samana Peninsula: The Samana peninsula had been the refuge of the Taïnos Indians, until their extermination during the XVIth century

Las Terrenas: Numerous antiques dating back to the Taïna civilization have been discovered, in particular in the region of Las Terrenas and of the Samana peninsula, and their gods representation have reached us under the form of small statues

God of Thinking: At Villa Sofia, we chose to build the giant statue of the God of Thinking to watch after your family during your stay. But we also prepared a surprise…

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