In Charge: Josefina is Villa Sofia’s spirit and is in charge of the whole property; she is the go-to person for everything

She Can Do It All: She will also be attentive to your smallest desires to provide you with the best service

Additional Requests: In addition to the room and maid service, she will do her best to assist you, and eventually provide you with the optional service you may have elected (baby-sitting, cooking…)


Experienced: Olga has worked with us for 3 years and she got her training straight from Josefina, you will be in good hands

Maintain: Helping Josefina and Tori maintain our properties, switching from one to another, depending on the workload here or there

Discretion: Lala is efficient and very discreet!  Planning a romantic anniversary dinner or surprise birthday and need help getting flowers, wine, cake, or balloons? Lala can keep a secret!


Technical: Leo is our maintenance expert

Landscaping: He is in charge of the gardens, of the swimming pools maintenance, and of the technical aspects of Villa Sofia.  Want to surprise that special someone with a dozen roses? Ask Leo!

Renaissance Man: Extremely nice and smiling, Leo will always be there to help you carry your luggage, help you with a flat tire or repair a defective heater!  He is always on call, and can be there to assist you in whatever your needs


Villa Julia: Usually in charge of Villa Julia, our second luxury property

Lends a Helping Hand: Tori regularly comes to Villa Sofia to give a hand to her colleagues and ensure that you have everything. If you have a preference for a brand, etc., she’s the one to ask

Knowledgeable: Garden, bedrooms and even cooking, Tori knows everything too!  Since she works at both properties, Tori has the luxury of seeing how things are done at both properties and has made some excellent contributions!


Concierge: Michel and Jacques are in charge of your stay, from the moment you sign the rental agreement until your departure from paradise

Your Every Desire: Have a bizarre request? Ask away! We have heard it all, and it might surprise you that it’s not bizarre at all

Successful: A very professional and kind team which has been installed in Las Terrenas for more than 10 years, and who is praised by all our clients, with no exception! Another great asset to make your stay with us a big success!

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